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Take full and unlimited control of any phone irrespective of the operating system, be it IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS etc will have full access to the device which includes texts messages, phone calls recorded(so you never get to miss out on any call, email logged in the phone, social messaging accounts logged in the phone, messenger apps(like whatsApp, viber etc) logged in to the device, camera take over/monitor, the phone GPS location, background voice monitoring and many more


Hire a hacker to help with private investigation. Catch cheating spouse, cheating staff or colleague. Win court or custody case with our expert, discreet investigators. We operate anywhere in the world with our high powered resolution drones. Our professional hackers delivers Clean investigations with clear and timely evidences. 


Our hackers offer whatsApp hack which allow you have unlimited access to the target whatsApp will be cloned and you will able to read whatsApp messages, Listen to whatsApp call, record whatsApp video, get access to whatsApp pics and videos, most interestingly can help restore deleted whatsApp messages 2yrs back


Has your email been receiving spams and you feel insecured?We Offers all kinds of email hacking service which includes gmail, outlook, protonmail etc


Help Hack any school college/university grades, it doesn’t matter the grading system/platform blackboard, power school etc.


Professional/Testing exams are not left out. Jobs are done without any trace and are secured. Change IELTS scores and when you check online you see the changed score online and same score in their database


Your bitcoin or any crypto-currency stolen or can’t login or you want to hack or trace bitcoin account having only the wallet address. Find a suitable hacker to do that for you


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