Hiring a black hat Hacker Securely Online

Today’s day and age is technology driven. Evolving from the “information age” as they call it, comes the modern network of hackers. Hackers are individuals offering professional “hacking services” to clients anonymously online. While there are all types of hackers, the hacking services that most people seem to be interested in these days are the black hat hackers and programmers. Because the world is so technologically-connected, and the foundations of civilization and everyday operations require the support of the internet, hiring a professional hacking service has never been more appealing to some. There are so many reasons for nearly any person to want to hire a black hat hacker (whether it is ethical or not aside). It is important to understand the best ways to find a reputable black hat hacker, safely while protecting yourself in the process (and during the transaction).

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Protecting Yourself When Looking For a Black Hat Hacker or Programmer

protecting yourself when hiring a hacker

There are a lot of ways someone can protect their identity when crawling the web in general…and most of these methods are pertinent here. Although, very honestly the most basic security measures are usually just fine. Firstly, when you browse the internet, using a VPN (virtual private network), helps hide your identity by assigning you a new IP. These VPNs are not impenetrable, but it’s a “step away from the situation” and that is favorable when conducting business online with black hat hackers.

Truthfully there is an easier route, and also more cost-effective (considering VPNs are not free and cost money). The easier route is to download the Tor browser (https://www.torproject.org). Make sure you download it from the correct link as many malicious versions of the browser have worked their way up the ladder (torproject.org is the only reputable source). The Tor browser protects your browsing experience by splitting up the browsing throughout a lot of relays and other computers, creating anonymity among the users. Some people choose to use both, a VPN and Tor browser to create redundant layers of protection. This is more practical for more costly, complex hacking services (hiring a hacker for a netflix password hardly requires all this effort, whereas hiring a hacker to penetrate a database or deface a website, is a little more serious).

Then there is the communication platform. Whatsapp is reasonable, if you are using a burner phone, however, the preferred communication for most hackers is simple email. Hackers usually pay for anonymous email accounts (such as those offered by Torguard.net), which are hosted in countries with strict privacy laws. These emails provide extra protection and do not log records, keeping the hacker (and you) more protected. Although it is not required someone pays for one of these emails (usually about $50 a year) before hiring a black hat hacker, it is definitely advised for more complicated jobs or services. Gmail provides very nice anonymity, provided one is not using a third party email app (which lowers the security and reveals the IP address of the user).

Safely Finding a Black Hat Hacking Service

There are a number of marketplaces on the dark web which have gone up, come down, gone back up, gotten seized, and respawned in various rebirths throughout the years (Dream market, Traderoute, Wallstreet Market, Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0, Silk Road 3.0 and annals of others). These marketplaces can sometimes seem safer to use when hiring a hacker, however, they are often thrown up quickly and very commonly exploited…and almost always seized by the government…thus the business conducted on these marketplaces are almost always subject to investigation. For that reason, it is suggested not to hire a hacker on a dark web (deep web) marketplace. There are still hackers available on the dark web marketing services on their own website (it is not accessible to the normal person on a normal browser, but only if someone is using the Tor browser, and anonymously accessing their .onion link). These sites are harder to find, and it is even harder to find reputable options, that is why we have created this website, so that someone who is new to hiring a hacker can also hire a black hat hacker easily.

A much better way to hire a black hat hacker or programmer, frankly is on the clearnet (which is where you are browsing right now). The clearnet has its own fair share of black hat and creatively gray hackers ready to offer you their services. In fact, it is rather easy to find a reputable black hat programmer or hacking service, and if you use an up to date version of chrome (or care to download the tor browser anyway – as it will still let you access normal websites too with anonymity and is free), and access your gmail account only through the gmail app or service itself (no third party programs like Microsoft Outlook), you will realize there are hackers for hire who are willing to quote you for almost anything.

Protecting Yourself When Hiring a Black Hat Hacking Service

how to protect yourself when using a hacker or black hat programmer

Hiring a black hat hacker or programmer typically begins with a consultation period. If a black hat hacker is quick to quote you without learning about your situation or hearing the details of your job requirements, they are likely only after your money…and it is very unlikely they will render service. However, if a hacker begins by asking for more information and clarification…and asks for some details on the account needing to be hacked, or job that needs to be done, they are more likely to care about the rendering of the services. Obviously there are some hacking services which do not require much of a consultation, for example, purchasing something like a netflix account.

It is also very common for black hat hackers and programming services to accept payment by way of bitcoin. This is because bitcoin is an anonymous currency that cannot be traced. This is good for the hacker, and for the client as well. Most people think paying with bitcoin is complicated, but it is actually quite simple. Some hackers can help you contact a bitcoin vendor and give you the easiest way for them to help you convert your payment to bitcoin anonymously.

One more important detail when hiring a black hat hacking service, which is good business in general but more so important in this type of transaction: the price you pay. A lot of hacking services require payment up front, before services are rendered, and understandably so, however, most of the reputable black hat hackers will offer a contingency option. Although it is different from hacker to hacker, this generally means paying only half of the agreed upon amount for the hacking job up front. The other half is then paid after services are rendered and the client is satisfied.